The greatest auto innovations of 2018

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The fastest electric car C_Two by Rimac on the road
The fastest electric car
There's not a single figure associated with this car that isn't awesome: 1,914 horsepower, 258 mph, 1.9 seconds to 60 mph, 1,700 pound-feet of torque. The fact that all of this comes via four zero-emission electric motors—one at each wheel—seems almost an afterthought. While eco-conscious hypercar enthusiasts rave about green bona fides, performance junkies can ponder the experience of the car's speed and handling, delivered through an all-wheel-drive system that lets you select how much power you want at either end of the car. Dial it all toward the back for maximum adventure through the turns, or keep a healthy dose flowing to the front tires for more grip. Though very much a driver's car, this wicked-looking auto is also a docile touring machine when needed, with roomy luggage capacity, a comfy ride, and semi-autonomous capability to help you relax between Alpine bombing runs. It'll cost you about $2,000,000. Rimac
This one will cost you about $2,000,000. Rimac

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Few innovations thrill us more than the ones we drive. When you consider an electric supercar that snaps back your head with acceleration or a set of tungsten-coated brakes that’ll have you straining against your seatbelt faster than you can say “internal combustion engine,” it’s easy to conclude 2018 was a heckuva year for road-going brilliance.

off-roadable electric vehicle I-Pace by Jaguar

Echo Auto by Amazon

 Echo Auto by Amazon
Alexa, take a ride with me
smart speaker hits the road. Plop this flat, $50 rectangle on your dash, and its eight microphones will pick out your voice over music and road noise when you ask for news, music, directions, what’s next on your calendar, or any of Alexa’s other 50,000 tricks (and counting). The coolest part, though, is its ability to perform location-specific actions. The device can execute commands automatically as you reach a particular place. Get it to play “The Imperial March”—you know, Darth Vader’s theme—when you pull into the parking lot at work. Amazon
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EV quick electric-vehicle-charging by Electrify America
RDX Intuitive Infotainment True Touchpad Interface by Acura in a car
E-Tron Virtual Side Mirrors by Audi in a car
Black car using the super cruise semi-autonomous driving mode by Cadillac
Carbon-ceramic disc surface coated brake (PSCB) by Porsche
Infotainment system MBUX by Mercedes-Benz
Shape-shifting engine QX50 Variable Compression Turbo Engine by Infiniti
2019 Ranger smallest pickup truck by Ford

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Formula E Battery Pack by McLaren Applied Technologies in a racing car