#Scikus: 12 Lovely Science Haikus From Popular Science Readers

On Friday we asked / For your best science haikus / The results were grand!

For a bit of fun last Friday, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to show off their writing chops by composing science haikus. We didn’t realize so many Popular Science readers are poets! Some of our favorite haikus are highlighted below, and one or two may even show up on the letters page of our October issue.

A supernova

Emits beauty in darkness

Explosions of light

–Stephanie Bliaya, via Facebook

I got life advice

From a lonely physicist

It’s all relative.

–Leighton Meyers, via Facebook

This strange blue plant

a collective of creatures

evolving in sync

–Julie Barrera, via Facebook

Winter, afraid of

Global warming

Ran to Antarctica

–Hitesh Sheth, via Facebook

Dividing atoms

A promise for the future

Many people died.

–Gabriel Cattan, via Facebook

Contract or expand?

Not the universe’s size

But the human mind

–Cassandra Teas, via Facebook

This assay won’t work.

But it worked fine yesterday.

Another late night.

–Aleksey Morozov, via Facebook

More than just atoms

we all are buzzing systems

of star dust and breath

–Julie Barrera, via Facebook