As the iPhone-induced buzz surrounding Apple fades slightly, the company might have some more big news cooking, as it has another announcement planned for this Tuesday, according to AppleInsider. It surely won’t be as big as its last grand intro, and Apple says it has nothing to do with iPods or iPhones, but that’s no reason not to get excited.

One blogger suspects that Apple might be unveiling a tiny new tablet Mac that takes advantage of the iPhone’s amazing touch-screen technology. This is just an educated guess; he doesn’t actually have inside information. But his rationale makes sense. First, he points out that it wouldn’t make a ton of sense for Apple to invest so much time, effort and money into that touch-screen technology and not use it on other products. He also cites rumors of an ultrathin keyboard, which could fit with the tablet computer.

Sounds amazing, but we’ll have to wait until Tuesday, at the earliest, to find out if it’s true.—Gregory Mone

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