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From 007’s jetpack in Thunderball
to his iconic laser-equipped Omega watch, the James Bond movie
franchise has always had its finger on the pulse of its audience’s
gadget lust. We at PopSci were a bit disappointed at the dearth of gizmos in this year’s Casino Royale (which for some reason—cha-ching—were
mostly made by Sony), but our discussion about the current film sparked
a debate in the office about spy gear from Bond films past. Which was
the sexiest weapon? (The venom boots in From Russia With Love.)
The best vehicle? (Depends whether you want your car to swim or fly.)
The deadliest accessory? (Gotta be that briefcase.) In the end, we
compiled a list of our 15 favorite Bond gadgets of all time. Peruse
them in the photo gallery, here. —Fred Koschmann

Share your own favorites with us in the comments section below.

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