July 2013: The Future Of Flight

Letter From The Editor

Dream Machines

The Future Of Flight

The Future Of Flight: Helicopters Will Fly Like Airplanes

By Clay Dillow

The Future Of Flight: Swarms Will Dominate The Sky

By David Hambling

The Future Of Flight: Flight Becomes Perpetual

By David Hambling

  • Airships Are Not The Future Of Flight

The Future Of Flight: Planes Will Be Printed

By David Coburn

  • Jet Fuel Becomes Sustainable

The Future Of Flight: New Designs Will End Congestion

By David Coburn

  • Robots Are The New Wingman

Flight At The Fringe

By Adam Piore

No, Really, Where’s My Flying Car?

By David Coburn


Dispatches From The Future

** The best minds in science fiction describe how we will live and work—on Earth or in space—in the decades and centuries to come**

Science of Blockbusters

The answers to the most nagging, fascinating, and bizarre questions of the summer movie season By Daniel Engber and Erik Sofge

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