8 Of Our Favorite Photos (So Far) From Astronaut Tim Peake

Scott Kelly's got some competition


The Earth is photobombing Peake’s selfie during a spacewalk in January.

Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a record-breaking year on the International Space Station in the name of science, but it was his beautiful photography that stole the show. Now the Year In Space is over, Kelly is back on the ground, and his Instagram feed is quite different. Luckily, there’s still at least one great photographer onboard the ISS. UK astronaut Tim Peake is giving Kelly a run for his money.

When he isn’t working on scientific projects or attending to the duties of the International Space Station, Peake seems to be having a good time, presenting awards to Adele, training for the London Marathon and capturing some truly amazing photos and videos of Earth.


Here are some of Peake’s most amazing pictures so far.

Cygnus Capture

Peake captured the moments just before the station’s robotic arm (operated by fellow astronaut Tim Kopra) snagged a Cygnus capsule full of supplies for the astronauts.

Glacier in Patagonia

A glacier slowly flows down toward a lake in Patagonia. Dark lines in the center of the glacier are rivers of rock and dirt, debris pushed along by the moving ice.


A sea of sand dunes, also known as an erg, in Africa.


On Twitter Peake wrote: “More stars in the Universe than grains of sand on Earth – easy to believe from up here”

Sunrise in space

Peake writes: “We see 16 sunrises every day – but I’ve never seen one as beautiful as this. Good morning Earth!”


An iceberg the size of London that Peake spotted off Antarctica.


Tim Peake captured this image of London at midnight