Watch What Happens When You Fill A Giant Balloon With Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen in giant balloons.
YouTuber Grant Thompson filled a six-foot balloon with liquid nitrogen and caught the whole thing on video. Youtube

Filling balloons until they explode is a Youtube staple. You’ve got your explosive materials like hydrogen, your safe but floating materials like helium, your backyard fun liquids like water. But what happens if you fill balloons with liquid nitrogen?

That’s what “King of Random” Youtube star Grant Thompson wanted to know. He took 6-foot balloons and poured in a heaping helping of supercooled nitrogen to see what happens.

As you might suspect, the elasticity of a balloon is reduced by cold from the liquid nitrogen, which makes the balloons brittle. Meanwhile, the nitrogen expands as it warms. Brittle balloons don’t tend to survive very long when expanding. The results are awesome: