You put a car in your garage, but some folks put their whole lives and egos into them. Car people treat their vehicles like family members. They tinker with, polish, obsess over, and ogle their machines. This gear will turn any drive-in-able space into Car-vana.

Ultimate hoisting machine. Amazon

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Normals might use a jack to lift their cars up to change the oil or a tire. If you really want to get work done underneath, you want that car way over your head. The APlusLift HW-10KBP-A’s four heavy-duty arms hoist up to 10,000 pounds of pride and joy up to 81 inches in the air.

Compressed air to power your tools. Amazon

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Hand tools, eh? Cute. Dewalt’s DXCMPA1982054 model holds 20 gallons of compressed air, and releases it at up to 155PSI. That’s enough oomph to fill up your tires or drive a pro-style impact wrench that’ll spin stock-on lug nuts off your wheels faster than a squirrel snags an abandoned Baby Ruth. And since the compressor is on wheels, you can make sure it’s always out of the way.

You can’t look at what you can’t see. Amazon

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This two-pack of overhead LED shop lights only pulls as much electricity as a 40-watt light bulb, but together shines the equivalent of 260 watts of 5000K daylight-equivalent photons on your ride.

Protect your investment. Amazon

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa—what kind of animal spends all their waking hours prettying up their vehicle and then stores it in the air? There’s DUST in that air! If you don’t have a dedicated filtration system in your garage, store your car in a bubble like the Car Capsule, which features a thick, clear PVC barrier to all the bad stuff floating around out there, and uses an activated charcoal filter to make sure none of that crap comes in contact with your showroom shine.

The golden rule of working on cars: clean everything you take off before you put it back on. Amazon

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A solid parts-washer is a must-have for a serious shop. This one circulates cleaning solvent at 5 gallons per minute, and the flexible spigot lets you direct it wherever you want it to go. Please make sure you properly dispose of the solvent when it’s spent.

A must-have. Amazon

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Without cold drinks in your garage, you might have to go into the house for refreshment. Keep an eye on your stock through the clear glass door of this 3.2-cubic-foot fridge. And stock it with green tea, which is much healthier than other beverage options.