A two-headed shark, the birth of a solar system, and more

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astronauts on mars
National Geographic will be airing the first episode in its six-part series Mars on colonizing the red planet on November 14. The show, half documentary and half dramatization, draws on some of the best and the brightest including NASA chief Charles Bolden, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Elon Musk, among others, to give us an idea of what our settlement of Mars may look like. We talked with the show's executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer here. National Geographic Channels/Robert Voglasky
authagraph map
A double shark embryo
Embryo of the Galeus atlanticus shark: “Each head showed a normal mouth, two eyes, two nostrils and five pairs of gill openings, through which several external gill filaments emerged,” the study authors write. Journal of Fish Biology
naturally forming snowballs
protoplanetary disc
new delhi smog
ISIS Drone Spotted In Mosul
hand tickling rat
wind erosion on Mars