Time Capsule From 1957 Found During Construction At MIT

Back to the future
Time Capsule

MIT is all about the future, but during a recent construction project on MIT’s new nanotechnology laboratory (known as MIT.nano), builders came across a blast from the past: a glass capsule filled with strange objects.

The time capsule had been buried by MIT students in 1957, during the dedication of building 26, which houses Compton Laboratories. The capsule contained papers and scientific odds and ends.

The time capsule has been in the ground for 58 years, but it was supposed to be in place for much longer. Originally, the time capsule was supposed to stay put until 2957, and was constructed of glass in the hopes that unlike metal or wood, rust and rot would not affect the capsule or the items within.

Watch the video above to see how the glass capsule was assembled, and hear the stories of the people who assembled the capsule.