Popular Science Bracket: Land Robots Vs. Flying Drones

Happy March Madness! Love, us. [UPDATE: Polls for round one close Friday, March 22, at 9 a.m.]

March Madness, Popular Science-style

Katie Peek

Welcome to the Popular Science March Madness bracket! We don't know much about sports--is that where you toss around a ball for a few years then strap on an orange vest and help kids across sidewalks?--but we felt left out watching our friends have all the fun. So we decided to build our own bracket out of something we do know a bit about: robots and drones. Below you'll find 16 of the strongest, fastest, and strangest land robots, and 16 of the strongest, fastest, and strangest flying drones. Your job: vote for your favorites. Big Dog or Cheetah? X47-B or the DJI Phantom? If you need a quick guide to what's what, go here.

Check back in tomorrow for the winners and the next round's matchups. We'll keep doing this until we've determined the greatest land robot/flying drone in all the internet. Only vote once per poll in each matchup, please. And play nice in the comments. Or don't.

Ready? Go!