Popular Science Bracket: Land Robots Vs. Flying Drones

Happy March Madness! Love, us. [UPDATE: Polls for round one close Friday, March 22, at 9 a.m.]

Welcome to the Popular Science March Madness bracket! We don’t know much about sports–is that where you toss around a ball for a few years then strap on an orange vest and help kids across sidewalks?–but we felt left out watching our friends have all the fun. So we decided to build our own bracket out of something we do know a bit about: robots and drones. Below you’ll find 16 of the strongest, fastest, and strangest land robots, and 16 of the strongest, fastest, and strangest flying drones. Your job: vote for your favorites. Big Dog or Cheetah? X47-B or the DJI Phantom? If you need a quick guide to what’s what, go here.

Check back in tomorrow for the winners and the next round’s matchups. We’ll keep doing this until we’ve determined the greatest land robot/flying drone in all the internet. Only vote once per poll in each matchup, please. And play nice in the comments. Or don’t.

Ready? Go!

“Eagle” drone or Phantom Eye?

AirBurr or Black Hornet Nano?

A160 Hummingbird or Incredible HLQ?

“Dead cat” drone or Robot Dragonfly?

NanoQuad or Parrot AR.Drone 2.0?

DJI Phantom or X-47B?

MQ-1 Predator or RQ-11 Raven?

Ryan Firebee or RQ-4 Global Hawk?

Simon or CHARLI-L?

BigDog or Cheetah?

PR2 or HRP2?

Nao or Bike-riding robot?

CanBot or Pancake-flipping robot?

Telenoid R1 or Geminoid DK?

Petman or Sand Flea?

RoboRoach or WR-3?