Is It Good For Our Work Lives To Be Constantly Connected? [Infographic]

Wake up, check phone. Go to work, look at computer. Go home, play with tablet watch TV check phone look at computer. Go to bed.

When your life is constantly connected, it can be hard to disconnect from work. But as this infographic shows, that might not be a bad thing; 40 percent of those surveyed say technology has improved their work/life balance. On the other hand, 18 percent of those surveyed say they spend upwards of six hours outside of work “connected” in some way to work. Whether this is objectively good is hard to tell, of course. Note: I almost wrote this post on a tablet in the bathroom, to prove my point. Got halfway to the bathroom before it struck me just how hard it would be to explain that to anyone I saw in there. But the important part is that I could have done it.

The Connected Worker

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