Final Round: What Is The Most Important Invention Of The Last 25 Years?

Graphic by Katie Peek

Welcome to the final round of our bout!

There was no shortage of impassioned debate when we gathered to anoint the top 25 innovations in the history of Best of What’s New. But a dozen editors locked in a room can only get you so far. How do you rank the best of the best – the iPhone versus the Large Hadron Collider, the TiVo versus the Chunnel? How do you name the one product that has affected more, lasting change than all others? That friends, calls for a smackdown.

We’ve been tallying your votes through five rounds of head-to-head matchups (thanks to our friends over at Grantland whose Wire character smackdown inspired us). The ultimate goal: to name the most important product of the last quarter century.

We move on now to the last round: Wi-Fi versus the Human Genome Project! You may cast only one vote, so deliberate carefully. This poll will close Sunday, December 16, at 16:00 Eastern time.

Final Round