Video: Sound Artist Liz Phillips Makes A Screamin’ Meal

It’s easy to take for granted how marvelously our senses work together to give definition to the world around us. Having the ability to see, for example, is one excuse to make every movie a 3D movie; being able to feel means there will always be a future for textiles. But what about when we sense another one of our senses, like being able to hear how our food tastes. It’s a real psychedelic mind-bender and when it comes to satiating ears, New York-based sound installation artist Liz Phillips is the Julia Child of avant-garde musicians.

Phillips has been been making interactive installations for nearly the last half century. She’s created countless amazing interactive sound and multimedia installations that have been showcased at museums, galleries, DIY spaces and festivals. Recently she worked with Japanese Butoh Dancer Mariko Endo Reynolds in another act of synesthetic art, called Biyuu, in which soundscapes mutate through the controlled and conscious movement of Reynolds’ body.

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