Awesome but Creepy Japanese Product of the Day: Realistic 3-D Face Replicas

Today in somewhat creepy Japanese tech: a company called REAL-f is creating what it calls 3DPFs–that’s 3-D Photo Forms–of human faces that generate uncannily realistic replicas of faces in a kind of vinyl-resin. The result is either a mask-style replica or a full mannequin head that is accurate down to the blood vessels in the eyes.

The technology works by taking images of a face and imprinting those images on a kind of vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold. From there, Google translate gets a bit murky, but essentially you end up with super accurate replica of your face in mask form for $3,920 (additional copies $780) or in full mannequin head form for $5,875 (extras just $1,960).

Any takers? There are a bunch more pics on REAL-f’s Facebook page. Thanks to TechCrunch for making our Monday a bit more uncomfortably weird.