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DNA suggests ancient Celtic royalty was matrilineal

New genetic analysis of two princes’ within a pair of Germany’s most well-preserved Celtic burial mounds confirms a long-suspected familial relationship—one that may shake up our understanding of gender relationships within Iron Age societies. Based on DNA reconstruction efforts, it appears at least some Celtic clans revolved around matrilineal instead of patrilineal dynasties. Unlike the […]

Law enforcements can obtain prescription records from pharmacy giants without a warrant

America’s eight largest pharmacy providers shared customers’ prescription records to law enforcement when faced with subpoena requests, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The news arrives amid patients’ growing privacy concerns in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2022 overturn of Roe v. Wade. The new look into the legal workarounds was first detailed in a […]

The first crash dummy modeled after women is here

Imagine the typical crash test dummy in your head. What does it look like, exactly? Does it have that creepy blank face? The little yellow and black circles? Is it a “man” or a “woman” dummy? The faces and the circles may vary ever so slightly, but in reality, there has always been one constant—crash […]

Gender equity and climate change are intertwined

The climate change conference COP26 which ended last week tackled a number of issues that intersect with addressing the climate crisis—including a full day dedicated to gender issues.  “Today is gender day because gender and climate are profoundly intertwined. The impact of climate change [affects] women and girls disproportionately,” Alok Sharma, the COP26 President said […]