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The best new gadgets and tech from CES 2024

Every year, the tech world briefly gives up on its New Year’s resolutions and descends upon Las Vegas for a week of new gadgets, tech demos, 15,000 steps-on-average days, and multiple happy hours at night. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show, acres of tech demos spread out across the Convention Center and throughout the Strip. This […]

The best small dehumidifiers for 2024

While larger dehumidifiers bring the power, intensity, and awe to get a large room under control, for small jobs in cramped spaces, you’ll do much better using small dehumidifiers. These machines can help take the damp edge off a room, generally don’t require piping or tubes to use effectively, and are much quieter than their […]

Navigate 2024 safely with this $100 wireless car display

When it comes to automotive technology, a groundbreaking innovation is changing the way we experience the open road—the wireless car display. Envision a scenario where your vehicle connects with your smartphone, transforming your dashboard into a high-tech hub of information and entertainment. This futuristic concept is now a reality, promising not only safer driving but […]