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How to set up a Little Free Library

There’s just something about walking through a neighborhood and seeing a streetside library. You know the ones: the small wooden boxes with glass doors and books inside. At this point it’s hard to remember a time they didn’t exist. They haven’t been around that long, though. The first was in 2009 According to Little Free […]

5 places to listen to free audiobooks

Physical books will always have their loyal fans—and rightly so—but there’s a lot to be said for the audiobook. They let you get through your reading (or listening rather) while you’re doing household chores, or driving the car, or out on your morning jog, and some of us just prefer hearing words spoken than reading […]

Why we die: Lessons on genes from a lowly worm

Excerpted from WHY WE DIE: The New Science of Aging and the Quest for Immortality by Venki Ramakrishnan with permission from William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins. Copyright © 2024 by Venki Ramakrishnan. Lessons from a Lowly Worm We all know families of long-lived individuals. But exactly how much do genes influence longevity? A study of 2,700 […]

Vernor Vinge, influential sci-fi author who warned of AI ‘Singularity,’ has died

Vernor Vinge, prolific science-fiction writer, professor, and one of the first prominent thinkers to conceptualize the concepts of a “Technological Singularity” and cyberspace, has died at the age of 79. News of his passing on March 20 was confirmed through a Facebook post from author and friend David Brin, citing complications from Parkinson’s Disease. “Vernor […]

Get 50% off some darn great reads with Barnes & Noble’s Book Haul sale

We know you’re not reading any of the books in your TBR (to be read) pile any time soon. Please don’t feel bad; neither are we … because thanks to Barnes & Noble’s Book Haul sale, we’ve added stacks of deeply discounted new releases, audiobooks, ebooks, and even a Nook eReader. Nook GlowLight 4e $89.99 […]

School district uses ChatGPT to help remove library books

Against a nationwide backdrop of book bans and censorship campaigns, Iowa educators are turning to ChatGPT to help decide which titles should be removed from their school library shelves in order to legally comply with recent Republican-backed state legislation, PopSci has learned. According to an August 11 article in the Iowa state newspaper The Gazette, […]