The best modern desk lamps for your home office

Brighten up your workspace.

It’s hard to overstate the impact a lamp can have on a room. In a spot where your eyes once strained to see, suddenly they are devouring a book. In a room where you were once plagued by screen glare and headaches, suddenly staring at a screen becomes not that big a deal. Controlling your workspace can mean the world if you’re trapped in an office with buzzing fluorescent lights overhead, or assigned to a dark corner of a room. Modern desk lamps offer more than just light. USB ports as well as timers and other handy features are now fairly standard features. Here are some great options.

Perfect for every situation. Amazon


The TT-DL16′s elegant frame belies its plethora of features and settings. Five color modes and six brightness settings up to 1200 Lux allow you to find the perfect luminescence for each task; whether you’re reading reports, writing notes, or entering data the TT-DL16 will make sure you do it in the best light possible. All of this is managed by sleek touch controls represented by glowing and easy-to-understand symbols. The USB charging port ensures you’ll always have a spot to charge your phone. A 60-minute timer and night light function makes the TT-DL16 perfect for a bedside reading lamp for you, or for the kids.

Futuristic lighting. Amazon


This BenQ lamp is serious about powerful and steady illumination in workspaces where lots of screen time or document review takes place. Coders swear by the lamp, as it provides even and steady illumination without fail. There are plenty of settings for you to adjust, but a built-in sensor detects light levels in the room and changes its output accordingly. Ben Q promises its LED display will last 50,000 hours. That’s equivalent to 8 hours a day for 17 years. Hopefully, you’ll get a break in there somewhere.

Thinnest profile. Amazon


This lamp offers a kinder, more caring aura. From the cool white metal frame to the 5 color modes and brightness levels that offer anti-glare, eye-friendly tones, this lamp gives off an ethereal vibe. Add to that a Qi-enabled wireless charging spot for your phone at the base of the lamp and you’ve got a slice of heaven sitting right on your desk.

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If you already have one of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, the Echo Glow is a no-brainer for the kids. The Glow changes color based on voice commands and has a rainbow countdown timer that can help little ones stick to routines like reading and art time. They can even command Alexa to throw them a dance party, which results in an array of flashing colors and accompanying music.