Robot vacuums to completely replace your handheld device

Hello, extra closet space.

Imagine enjoying your Saturday morning coffee on the sofa and instead of spotting those dust bunnies under the media console, watching the pleasant scurrying of your robot vacuum. Half an hour later, it docks on its charger and beeps to let you know it has completed a mundane chore, and all you have to worry about is getting up to get your second cup. You can enjoy having a fluffy dog or long hair without the evidence collecting underneath your couch.

While you wait for a full robot butler to manage your dish-washing and laundry as well, check out these robot vacuums prepared to knock out one thing on your cleaning to-do list. Here are four options to completely replace your clunky vacuum:

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This model shows that while robotic vacuums can be a modern luxury, owning one doesn’t have to break the bank. With 1300Pa strong suction perfect for hard floors to medium-pile carpets, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S comes one of the best-valued options. It fits under the all but lowest furniture at just 2.85 inches tall, and uses BoostIQ Technology to automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds when you need that extra strength boost.

Great for robot vac novices. Amazon

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For those first-timers who aren’t so sure about leaving housekeeping to a self-moving machine, this easy-to-operate option is ideal. Without all the bells and whistles of more flashy models, the Goovi D380 stands out for its powerful suction and easy remote-controlled operation. But don’t be fooled by its low-profile design. This model has a smart movement system to easily identify furniture and obstacles so the bot can plan an optimal route for an efficient clean every time. Worried about a guest tripping over it at an inopportune moment? The Goovi D380’s multiple optional cleaning modes and pre-set vacuuming time make sure the bot is hard at work while you’re off to the office, fast asleep, or out on the town, so it doesn’t crash any house parties or visits from Grandma.

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So, you don’t want to think about vacuuming for the next month. And if you must, you want to deal with it through your phone or home assistant. Well, this is the robot vacuum of your dreams. With a bagless, self-emptying base that can hold up to 30 days of dirt and debris, combined with an unbeatable suction power for carpets and hard floors, this model gives you a top of the line feel. This Shark IQ also has a self-cleaning brush roll to avoid hair wrap, as well as a Total Home Mapping feature that lets you choose which rooms to clean right away.

The Ferrari of robot vacuums. Amazon

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With its Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal and AllergenLock bag holding 60 days of debris, the iRobot Roomba i7+ keeps your floor clean of dirt, dust, air, and many allergens for months at a time without intervention. Imprint Smart Mapping enables this model to learn and adapt to your home. If crumbs spill on the floor as you’re racing out the door, you can simply tell the iRobot Roomba i7+ to immediately clean the kitchen either using your Alexa or the Google Assistant. By intelligently mapping and remembering multiple floor plans, the Keep-Out Zone feature lets you control areas that you want the robot to avoid, and can even be paired with Braava Jet M6 robots to automatically clean in sequence—vacuuming and then mopping.