When you buy a new MacBook, your first thought might not always be to also buy a case to protect it. But if you want your new computer to last, a protective case can significantly reduce damage and increase its lifespan. The best cases lock tightly onto your device and resist impact, while providing enough ventilation to enable your machine to withstand long periods of use. You’ll also want to consider the right style and thickness for you. Below are some of the best cases for your machine.

Invest in your tech’s lifespan. Amazon

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If your mantra aligns somewhere with “you can never protect your laptop enough,” then this case won’t disappoint. It’s a durable, lightweight case with convenient cutouts for your device’s ports as well as cooling vents to allow your machine to plough through hours of use. The translucent exterior is unobtrusive, and also allows you to choose your machine’s aesthetic. For lasting protection, you can rely on non-slip grips to carry your machine through any conditions and avoid any sudden, frustrating drops.

Rugged exterior signals it’ll keep your device safe. Amazon

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This tough case provides full security with a wraparound zipper and four layers of protection. You’ll be thankful for its shock resistance, especially if you travel often with your laptop or are more likely to expose it to risk. The black case comes in both 13- and 15-inch sizes. The product also repels water, for another measure of preservation. As a bonus, the case has four inside pockets for additional storage.

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If you’re conscious of text-neck and poor posture from hunching over a screen all day, this case will ease your concerns and promote healthier working positions. It snaps easily onto your 13-inch laptop and has generous cutouts for easy access to all of your machine’s ports. The kickstand is foldable, so you can opt to use it or not, depending on your mood.

Prevents scratches and dents. Amazon

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This black or clear cover is made by Speck, which has a reputation for attractive products to protect your tech. This matte-finished case has rear corner clips to adhere seamlessly to your device, and also has rubber feet to keep your computer from knocking around on smooth or slippery surfaces.