Portable showers to keep you clean while you’re off the grid

Scrub your body, your clothing, and your gear while on the trail.

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While camping is certainly meant to be a rugged activity, you don’t have to go weeks without showering. These portable showers are great for those on the go and will keep you feeling clean no matter your location. Whether it’s your first time in the woods or you recently moved into your van for the cross country trip of a lifetime, a portable shower is going to keep you prepared for any mess you may encounter. Get yourself, your dog, and your dishes dirt fresh—from the Appalachians to the Pacific Coast and everywhere in between and beyond.

Everyone deserves a hot shower at the end of a long day and the Advanced Elements Summer Shower is the best choice to leave you warm, relaxed, and ready for the next excursion. All you need to do is fill it up and let it sit in the sun while you go out for your day-time adventure. The shower comes with a solar panel, reflector panel, and insulation to help your water heat up and stay warm. It also comes with an on/off shower head, temperature gauge, large filling valve, and carrying handle. You will need to hang this shower to use it, so the carrying handle will come in handy hanging from strong tree branches, car racks, or camper doors. Advanced Elements has a 5-gallon, 3-gallon, 2.5-gallon, and 10-gallon shower so you have options when it comes to weight and size. When not in use, simply roll it up and store it; its rip-stop fabric will protect it from anything else you will have shoved in your pack last minute. The Advanced Elements Summer Show is going to be particularly great for those who are packing light and on the move.

The Innhom Portable Shower is a great option if you’re looking for something battery-powered that doesn’t need to hang from a tree to function. All you need is a bucket of water and you are ready to roll. You have two options to keep your shower functioning; you can connect it directly to your car’s charging port (formerly designed for lighting cigarettes) or simply use the rechargeable battery (which can be recharged with any USB port). Then all you have to do is drop the pump in your bucket to activate the built-in water filter and go to town. While we don’t necessarily recommend this option for backpackers, it’s great for destination and car camping.

If you are curious about a portable shower, but not ready to make a big commitment to the practice, we suggest trying out the Simple Shower. The Simple Shower is, essentially, a nozzle that will fit practically any 1-2-liter bottle. From there all you need to do is turn that bottle upside down and voila you have yourself a shower. You might be wondering why you don’t just poke some holes in plastic wrap, but don’t be fooled- this nozzle is pretty impressively designed. The flow is fast and the coverage is really wide, so it’s perfect for a quick rinse. While you might not get the most thorough shower, the durable Simple Shower is going to be the most lightweight, budget-friendly, and easy to use portable shower you can find.