You know the feeling: you get into your tub for a shower and you’re standing in an inch and a half of slimy tub water. Yuck. Thankfully there are a number of methods that can clean the clog from your drain and help prevent further clogs as well. Here are a few great options.

Comes with three: Vastar Snake Hair Drain Clog

When You Need To Dig Deep

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If you live with any long-haired people, you’re probably familiar with the shower drain getting clogged up with strands. No matter how many times you clean the hair from the drain, it still gets down there and causes the tub to flood. This little plastic tool has barbs on it, which allows you to stick it down the drain and grab all the hair stuck in the pipe. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you’re not into dumping chemicals down your drain, this is a great option.

Pour and wait: Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

What Blockage?

This is bleach-based, so keep it safely away from pets and children. Amazon

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You’ve heard of Drano and that’s because it works. Though definitely not the most environmentally friendly option, the chemicals work to disintegrate the hair, grease, soap, and other gunk that’s clogging your drain. Pour this gel down your drain and watch it works its magic in about 15 minutes.

Prevents blockage: Tubshroom

First Line Of Defense

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If you constantly get a clogged drain, you might consider the Tubshroom. This little device fits in your drain to prevent clogs specifically from hair—both from people and pets. The hair wraps itself around the Tubshroom so you can easily remove the device, clean it, and put it back. This helps prevent clogs and having to clear out your drain once every few months.

Eats at blockage: Green Gobbler Bio Flow Strips

Say Goodbye To Lodged Organic Materials

Septic safe and great for regular usage. Amazon

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Sometimes drains get smelly. This is especially true if you live in an old building with ancient pipes. Even if you keep your bathroom spotless, the drain can emit a foul smell. With the Green Gobbler Bio Flow Strips, you can keep your drains smelling fresh and help prevent clogs. These strips use enzymes to break down any clogs and deodorize your drain.