Bar stools keep it low key—whether in the kitchen or on the patio, the bar stool is where you want to sit to enjoy a quick lunch, sunset cocktail, or passing conversation. Save the dinner table for, well, having dinner! And if you’ve got a bar lining your kitchen then stools are simply indispensable. They’re awesome for entertaining and arguably even better for being alone. Table for one? No thanks, I’d rather sit at the bar. Read on to learn more about what makes a great bar stool great.


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To start, you’ll want a bar stool that matches the aesthetic of your space. Industrial metal stools look modern but unassuming, and work as well in gravelly backyards as they do in office break rooms. Many of such stools are stackable, so you can keep extra on hand for larger gatherings. Metal stools also tend to come in different colors if you’re looking for something funky.


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If comfort is your main concern, consider stools that are upholstered or have backrests. Upholstered furniture is of course more suitable for the indoors and can add warmth to a kitchen or den. If your family members range from small to tall, choose stools with adjustable heights, since you don’t want the kids stretching to reach their cereal.

Of course, you can’t lose when going classic with simple wooden bar stools. These will fit snugly in most homes and are unbeatable for workshops and artist studios. A wooden stool is the perfect place to sit and strum a guitar.