Child thermometers that help will keep your family healthy

Get a good read at any age

person putting a thermometer in a child's ear
Get accurate readings.Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

When your kid is getting sick or has a teething fever, it’s important for you to feel safe, secure, and informed. Being a parent is hard enough without having to pin down your squirm-ball to take their temperature. These thermometers will give you an accurate reading of your baby’s temperature no matter the circumstances. If your baby has not been their usually bouncy self, maybe they are just being fussy or having an off-day. A thermometer will help you gauge whether or not a fever is at play and when you might ring the pediatrician. Knowing your little one’s temperature will help you create a plan of action and you’ll both be smiling before you know it.

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
They'll snooze through it.Amazon

The iHealth No-Touch Thermometer is a great way to get the temperature of your baby quickly without interrupting sleep, learning, or playtime. This thermometer uses 3-sensors to collect contact-free data; not only will you gauge your baby’s temperature, but distance and environmental sensors will make necessary adjustments to give you even more accurate readings. It’s super easy to use, just point on the forehead, push one button, and wait for the vibration—which lets you know the reading is complete; no confusing alerts or tones. You can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings which will be clearly displayed with extra-large digits on the thermometer’s crystal LED screen. This is a thermometer that is going to be great for the whole family, anytime, day or night.

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer
New baby, new experiences.Amazon

According to most health organizations, a rectal thermometer is going to be the best way to check an infant’s temperature. While no parent is excited by the prospect of having to use a rectal thermometer, this one from Vicks is going to be the swiftest and most reliable way to get the job done. It has a short probe so you can rest assured you aren’t hurting your little one, a large bulb for an easy grip, and a large display for a clear reading. It only takes a quick ten seconds to find out how your baby might be feeling.

iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer
A fever you can track down.Amazon

This thermometer from iProven is a great way to get multiple measurements without having to corral or disturb your little one. Like the iHealth, you won’t need to wake up a sleeping baby to get an accurate temperature, which is great because as we all know, sleep is the best medicine. The Forehead Mode is great for an initial quick scan to see if your fever suspicions are correct. From there, you can use the Ear Mode to get a more exact measurement; this function is best for babies 6 months and older. This thermometer also saves up to 20 readings so you can track your tot’s fever as it progresses.

Braun ThermoScan 7
For the entire family.Amazon

While this in-ear thermometer is on the pricier side, it is guaranteed to give you a precise reading without a doubt. The Braun ThermoScan 7 has a number of special features perfect for you and your family. As you may know, a fever for a toddler, may not be considered a fever for a 3-month-old. You can utilize the Age Precision function to interpret the severity of your child’s fever as it relates to the age group. You can also use the ExacTemp technology for guidance on positioning to ensure you’re getting the best read possible. This thermometer also features a pre-warmed tip that minimizes the cooling effect that could result from using a regular in-ear thermometer and ensures accuracy to a tenth of a degree.