As this year’s Consumer Electronics Show demonstrated, product slingers are all excited to put smarter digital assistants in your pocket and connected devices in your home. As tempting (and terrifying?) as it is to create a giant network of smart devices that are all able to talk to each other to do your bidding, you really don’t need an expansive, expensive set-up to upgrade your routines. For example, you could start with the just a few items in your humble kitchen. Below, some solid ways to give your canteen some added acumen.

Alerts your phone when its batteries are low and tell you which room a fire is in. Amazon

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Smart, connected appliances are meant to put your mind at ease. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarmwhich we previously graded 4.5 out of 5—will send an alert to your phone when its batteries are low, as well as tell you which room a fire is in. The sensors can even determine whether or not a fire is fast- or slow-burning. The units check their sensors up to 400 times a day to make sure they are always working.

Lets you check the internal temperature from your device. Amazon

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The Meater is like any meat thermometer, but with wireless connectivity, so you can monitor your food’s internal temperature from your phone. It’s got a five-inch-long probe and charges in a AAA-powered wooden box. Pretty classy. The internal sensors read up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and the external part of the probe measures ambient temperatures up to 527 degrees.

Measures ingredients as you add them to the bowl so you never over-add ingredients. Amazon

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Like any food scale, the Drop Scale measures ingredients as you add them to the bowl. What makes this device different is that it connects to your smartphone, meaning it’ll let you know when you’ve added the right amount of an ingredient for a specific recipe.

Connects to your smartphone, will order new beans once you run out, and can brew up to 12 cups. Best Buy

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The Atomi Coffee Maker lets you brew a cup of coffee from your bed that’ll be ready by the time you reach the kitchen. It connects to your smartphone or tablet, can be controlled via voice assistant, has a reusable filter, lets you brew it how you like it, and can brew up to 12 cups.