Affordable surge protectors for your home office

Save your gadgets.

Odds are you don’t worry too much about surge protection unless you’ve lost a major appliance because you weren’t using one. Trust us, losing an expensive fridge because your house has old wiring, or seeing your laptop fried during a lightning storm is not fun.

The good news is that preventing these sorts of disasters is actually quite cheap. Sturdy, reliable surge protectors won’t set you back even a fraction of what you pay for the latest gaming rig or 4K television. So think of us as the Smokey The Bear of fried electronics and consult this handy list of affordable surge protectors.

Sleekest design: APC Surge Protector with USB Ports

Super Reliable

You won’t feel overcrowded. Amazon

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With 11 outlets and two USB ports, this power strip should handle all the gadgets your home office has to offer. It provides a 2880 surge-protection rating and a convenient LED indicator lets you know whether your protection is working and warns of an overload or a problem with your building’s wiring.

Height-conscious: Belkin 8-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Enjoy The Thinness

Respects your space. Amazon

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This 8-outlet Belkin is fairly bare-bones and inexpensive, but it does have some truly handy features. Its flat form and plug mean you can hide it easily behind a desk or major appliance. The layout of its outlets means that oversized power adapters won’t block other outlets.

No-fuss: AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Big And Basic

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This big beauty offers 12 ports, with four spaced on the edges to accommodate power adapters. It has a 4320-Joule energy rating and a 15-amp overload circuit breaker for added protection. A keyhole wall mount on the back of the device makes it easy to tuck it away behind a desk.

Most convenient form: Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip

Two Length Options

Snake it behind your bed or desk. Amazon

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Travelers often find themselves without enough ports, never mind the security provided by a surge protector. That is where the Anker PowerPort Cube comes in. With a 5-ft cord, 3 outlets, and 3 USB ports, this handy gadget should always be waiting in your laptop bag for whenever the need arises. It comes with overload protection, fire-retardant casing, and an adhesive strip to keep it positioned where it works best for you.