Charging cables provided with iPhones, iPads and other Apple products invariably suffer from wear and tear, splitting and fraying, and are often nowhere near long enough either. But long, strong charging cables, compatible with most Apple devices are a low-cost way to simplify many of your power needs. Here’s what to look for.

Quick Power for Multiple Devices

With a cord that’s 12 times stronger than those which arrive as standard, this fills batteries up to 20% faster than generic ones for a range of devices with 8-pin ports. Syncwire

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Nobody wants their movements to be limited by a short cable, unable to use a device that’s powering up across the room. Look for cables with lengths of a metre or more—some are almost two metres long—but before buying, check they are compatible with all of your required devices too.

Tough construction

At almost two metres, you can liberate your devices wherever you choose to power up—no more limiting yourself to centimetres away from a power socket. Anker

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Some charging cables are quicker than others, thanks to using the original 8-pin connector and Apple’s original C48 terminal and smart chip. If speed is important to you, look for cords with lightning speeds and full compatibility.

Durable materials

Modern life means we all need power in multiple places and on the move. This triple pack of sturdy, quick-power cords means you can have one in the office, one in the bedroom and one in the car. Ankoda

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Carried around in bags and pockets, nibbled by pets, the charging cables provided with devices are prone to breaking and splitting. When investing in a new cable, look for durable models with reinforced, protected cords that resist breaking when bent or put under strain. Many come with warranties from a year to a lifetime.