Become an expert in data analysis with this $20 training bundle

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When big companies make big decisions, they usually turn to data. But before the fat cats can look through the charts and graphs, someone needs to crunch the numbers. The Complete Microsoft Data Analysis Expert Bundle helps you acquire these lucrative skills, with six courses and over 31 hours of video training on key data tools. You can grab the bundle now for only $19.99.

Data analysis is a fast-growing niche, with thousands of well-paid jobs available. The same skills are also highly valued in sales, marketing, finance, and many other industries.

This bundle helps you master the fundamentals and explore some advanced techniques. Through concise video tutorials, you learn how to turn raw data into useful insights through Microsoft Power Business Intelligence. In addition, the training helps you practice data modeling and visualization.

You also learn how to use vlookup, PivotTable and macros in Microsoft Excel, and how to build databases with Microsoft Access. The training takes things step by step, but you quickly find yourself mastering advanced data skills. There’s even a course on VBA for first-time coders.

Order now for $19.99 to get lifetime access to all the training, worth $1,194.

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