A Golf Club for Every Function

The adjustable club weight is just a side benefit

Any space in your golf bag next to the nine-iron? Here are two clubs that can offer a truly unique dynamic to your next 18 holes — and they neatly complement each other! Introducing the Kooler Klub and the UroClub. Fill up your frosty beverage from one, and, a few holes later, relieve yourself into the other. We couldn’t make this stuff up.

Incredibly, these two clubs aren’t manufactured or marketed by the same company. The Kooler Klub has a 48-ounce capacity, with a simple vacuum pump spigot to dispense your beverage of choice from the club head ($49.99). A long-handled brush is included for cleaning between rounds. For the more avid golfer, a battery-powered deluxe version with a few extra ounces of capacity is available for $118.99.

Amply hydrated, the next question facing any golfer around hole number ten is “which tree?” The patent-pending design of the UroClub ($49.95) offers an alternative for those perhaps running late or just looking to be different. As the box says, it’s the only club “guaranteed to keep you out of the woods,” and was legitimately designed by Dr. Floyd Seskin, a board-certified urologist in Florida. Just twist off the handle and remove the gasket, and the shaft of the club holds up to a half-liter of urine. A green towel with small clips is included, as a “privacy shield” and perhaps to clean up any misfire. Users are encouraged to clean the UroClub after each usage, though, unlike the Kooler Klub, there’s no handy brush included.

For any guy considering actually using these during the same round, we’d highly recommend unique club covers. Wouldn’t want to get them confused.