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It looks like old media aren't the only ones in the toilet

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Look out, Ashton, there’s a new Twitter sensation: the can. That’s right, the toilet, the head, the commode. Shardy, a hacker over at Aculei has modded his toilet to tweet with every flush. And frankly, it’s awesome.

You can follow the porcelain recliner’s Twitter feed here , and I’ve got to admit, some of the tweets are kinda funny. Not “ha-ha” funny, but at least “bring a smile to the face” funny.

Luckily, Shardy posted instructions on how to build a tweeting bowl, so I expect all of you to run out and start construction ASAP. In fact, the first reader to do this will win… my respect. Hey, don’t laugh, it’s hard to come by.

Anyway, thanks to Hack-a-Day for bringing this to my attention.

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