This Is the Future… Of Cutting the Grass

Husqvarna's new all-electric concept makes mowing the lawn as sleek and futuristic as you always knew it could be

Futuristic mower may even distract from that beer belly of yours while mowing.

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Mowing the lawn may not be the most glamorous chore, but Husqvarna’s new concept mower might change the image of grass grooming forever. Powered by a fully electric and rechargeable lithium phosphate battery, the mower can zip along for 2 grass-decapitating hours.

Modeled on all those fancy electric shavers, the mower has 3 independently-suspended cutting decks that can shift to the contours of your lawn. It even has a cool name: Panthera Leo. I’d buy just about anything with that name, regardless of what it was.

The Panthera won’t go into production for another 5 years (if it ever does), but I plan on letting my grass grow until then in anticipation.

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