A Beer To Honor A Giant Electromagnet
A Beer To Honor A Giant Electromagnet

Magnetic Moment

When Chicago’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory celebrated the arrival of a delicate particle storage ring shipped across the country with the utmost care from the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the lab’s neighbors from Two Brothers Brewing Company were on hand to celebrate. And like the best guests, they brought their own beer.

They brewed a limited edition beer called “Magnetic Moment” to herald the safe arrival of the 50-foot-wide, 45-ton electromagnet ring, which had to be transported from New York by barge and specialized truck–without even the slightest bending or twisting–over the course of five weeks. The electromagnet will be used in an experiment called Muon g-2, which will probe the quantum mysteries of subatomic particles called muons.

Where can non-Fermi nerds can get their lips on a fine bottle of muon-inspired brew? Symmetry magazine reports there are a few cases left over from the after party, so the best option here seems to be to cozy up to a Fermilab particle physicist. Can’t be much harder than moving a 45-ton magnetic ring over 3,200 miles of land and sea.