The Periodic Table of Social Issues

From the design studio that created these cinematic star charts and musical color wheels comes a periodic table of human nature’s ugliest attributes. Tyranny, deceit, materialism, brutality—thanks a lot, evolution.

The Periodic Table of Social Issues is designed to mirror the real periodic table, which is organized by the atomic numbers and chemical properties of its elements. It’s hard to say just how closely the two tables match up. Are greed and poverty our most abundant social issues? Are corruption, power, extravagance, and apathy more reactive than other sins? Is fascism heavier than sexism? (It’s worth noting that, with an atomic number of 114, global warming is the heaviest element on the chart.)

Fortunately, there are two rows of hope at the bottom of this gloomy table. Virtues like selflessness, honesty, liberty, and activism fill the spaces normally taken up by the rare earth and radioactive chemical elements.

Greed, the hydrogen of sins

The transition misdeeds

These sins would be poor conductors of heat and electricity

The noble afflictions

The super-heavy evils

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