Autodesk CEO Carl Bass On The Future Of 3-D Printing At Home

"In five to 10 years... you're going to be able to print DNA and tissue."

This much is certain: The fabricate-at-home future has arrived, and it’s here to stay. But just how far affordable 3-D printers and other personal manufacturing devices will take us, and what other devices we should expect to soon change our lives, remain unclear. If anyone has a better sense than most, however, it’s Carl Bass, the CEO of Autodesk.

The $9 billion company made its mark by creating industry-standard design software called AutoCAD. And this month they partnered with MakerBot–creators of the high-res 3-D printer Replicator 2–to capture swelling numbers of potential customers equipped with 3-D printers. We chatted with Bass at the 2013 Kairos Global Summit, held at the New York Stock Exchange, to peer into his crystal ball of home fabrication.