Looking Inside Fruits and Vegetables With MRI

If you are what you eat, then it makes sense to know what your food actually is. Taking this notion to a perhaps extravagant but nonetheless entertaining degree, someone out there decided to run a bunch of common fruits and vegetables through an MRI machine. The resulting videos and images let you see the Earth’s bounty in a whole new way (literally).

If that’s not cool enough, someone else who saw the MRI foods on Reddit decided to stitch all the corn images together with the modeling software Maya, creating a scrumptious 3-D model just like Grandma used to make. Dig in.


[Above, the MRI cross section of a head of broccoli. Below, 3-D modeling software puts the broccoli together again]

Check out the video MRI fly-throughs of several different fruits and veggies here.

[Inside Insides via Kottke]