July 2010: The Future of the Environment


The Future of the Environment

Building A Carbon-Neutral Paradise

Here’s how some of the world’s greenest communities are shrinking their carbon footprint, and what cities and towns everywhere can learn from them. By Patrick Di Justo

Plans for Tomorrow

Our environmentally perfect future is years away, but architects already have designs prepared for buildings that generate their own power — and clean their surroundings — using the sun, wind, and sea. By Suzanne LeBarre

The Green Dream: Going Gray, Saving Blue

Our staff photog installs a home system that uses shower runoff to flush the toilet. By John B. Carnett

The Future of Medicine: Offshore Operations

Thousands of Americans are traveling abroad for controversial stem-cell treatments not approved by the FDA. Is it a scam or cutting-edge health care? by Elizabeth Svoboda


What’s New

  • The Next Dimension: A 3-D Camcorder
  • [Tech Reborn: Transforming the Classic Wristwatch](https://www.popsci.com/cars/article/2010-06/four-fearsome-cylinders/>Four Fearsome Cylinders