Loathe to pick up Frankenstein once again? Try these recent sci-fi picks instead.

When scientist meets alien. Amazon

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This sprawling trilogy starts in the Cultural Revolution, when a young woman trained as an astrophysicist meets an alien from the planet Trisolaris. The resulting series, which was a catalyst for the resurgence of sci-fi in China, takes readers on an ethically-charged, carefully conceptualized journey through Cixin Liu’s fictional universe.

Get your popcorn ready. Amazon

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Before Blake Crouch’s novel about a New York City cop investigating “False Memory Syndrome” was even published, Hollywood mogul Shonda Rhimes published the rights to turn the book into a film and/or television series. Now, the part-sci-fi, part-thriller is finally here, and readers are satisfactorily shook.

For people that love zombies, but need to move on from The Walking Dead. Amazon

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In this idiosyncratic sci-fi novel, Ling Ma explores the legacy of memory and the tyranny of capitalism when fungal disease has turned everybody in New York City except one into quiet, habit-loving zombies.

The authors of the bestselling The Illuminae Files have a new book. Amazon

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In Aurora Rising, recent graduates of a prestigious training academy get their first assignments—and things don’t go as planned. “They’re not the heroes we deserve,” the book’s tagline says. “They’re just the ones we could find.”

Take it a story at at time. Amazon

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If you don’t want to commit to a single narrative, consider Yoon Ha Le’s new short story collection. The author offers several smaller stories, all set in the Ninefox Gambit universe.