You Can Now Go Rock Climbing On Google Street View

It’s pretty clear by now that there is no street, canyon, ocean, zip line, or frozen lake that Google will not photograph for their Street View feature in Google Maps. Naturally, the logical next step in this progression is to strap cameras to expert climbers and send them up the imposing face of Yosemite’s El Capitan rock formation.

The climbers included Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell and Lynn Hill. Hill was the first person to climb the 3,000 foot ‘Nose’ of El Capitan using just her fingers and feet (ropes were only there to catch her if she fell). Honnold climbed the same route in record time, going from top to bottom in under 3 hours, and Caldwell’s exploits on the hardest part of El Capitan, the Dawn Wall, were chronicled in the New York Times.

Now you can go through the trek, too. Here’s Honnold traversing the King Swing, 1550 feet off the ground:

The are loads more interactives on Google Trek’s page, where you can also learn details about the climb itself, the geology of El Capitan, and see behind the scenes.