Health and fitness gadgets from CES 2022

New tech to keep you fit as a fiddle
Best Health and Fitness gadgets of CES 2022

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Health tech is always a highlight at CES. Major manufacturers and small upstarts both take big swings, revealing futuristic products for a corner of life that doesn’t change dramatically as often as say, TVs or gaming. The one exception to that is, of course, fitness gear: From smartwatches and fitness trackers to exercise machines like Peleton, there is always an explosion of incremental updates to workout-related gadgets we already know and love. We’re rounding up some of the most interesting health and fitness gadgets of CES 2022 as we find them. You can expect to see new products on this piece each day as we get the chance to hear more from every corner of the show.

Withings Body Scan smart scale

Weigh Specifically

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Withings, a longtime innovator in health tech, will (probably) add some interesting new features in its latest smart scale. The Body Scan smart scale can, like previous models, detect information about your body composition, including how much of your body is fat or muscle. Where previous models simply did this for the whole body, the new design can check specific body parts. In addition to letting you measure your gains at the gym more accurately, the scale can take a 6-lead ECG using a handle near the top of the scale. The Body Scan is expected to launch in the back half of 2022, but, according to Gizmodo, the product hasn’t received FDA approval yet, so that timing may be subject to change.

Oral-B iO10 electric toothbrush

Brush With a Home Base

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A surprisingly buzzy little gizmo, Oral-B’s high-end iO10 smart toothbrush features a charging base that helps the brush “coach” your cleanings, in addition to using an indicator light on the brush itself and/or offloading the info to your phone. The coaching, the core feature for the iO series, tells you if you’re applying enough pressure, if you’re neglecting any areas of your mouth as you brush, and provides a timer to ensure you’re putting in proper time.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Talk to The Watch

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Garmin, one of our favorite fitness-minded smartwatch makers, has two watches in the pipeline. The Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a slightly smaller update of last year’s Garmin Venu 2 – a 43mm case versus 45mm – which adds both a speaker and microphone to allow for audio notifications and the ability to interface with your phone’s smart assistant, such as Siri or the Google Assistant.


Though you see them more frequently in the cars and computing categories, many companies like to create “concept” products for CES that show off technology that isn’t quite ready to include in a shipping product. These ideas are often a little more futuristic, which makes them incredibly cool and exciting. You won’t find these in a store any time soon, but they are still cool as hell.

Y-Brush 2022

A Quicker Brush

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French startup Y-Brush makes an alternative toothbrush that looks like a mouth guard. The company claims that its current model can already clean your teeth in 10 seconds, which is pretty impressive. For CES 2022, the company has a new concept version of the brush, which has bristles on both sides of the Y-shaped mold, rather than just one, cutting down even further on cleaning time. And, like the Oral-B iO10, the concept Y-Brush features six vibration modes for different types of cleaning.


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