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Each year, Popular Science picks the 100 greatest new innovations in technology to feature in our Best Of What’s New issue. Discover the most exciting developments in consumer gadgets, sustainability, medicine, automobiles and more.

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Apple Mac Pro

By streamlining cooling into a single aluminum thermal core, the wizards at Apple packed a powerful desktop computer into their smallest package yet.

Intel Core M

Speaking of small, this wafer of a processor cuts power consumption by 60 percent and size by half, paving the way for thinner, cooler tablets and laptops.


Welcome to the brave new world of 7 gigabyte per second wireless data transfer.

Samsung 850 Pro

A solid state drive with double the endurance.

Corsair Gaming K95 RGB

This mechanical keyboard features 16.8 million possible color combinations from its programmable LED backlights—perfect for the truly hardcore gamer who likes to keep things organized.

POC Helmet Integrity System

Helmets wear out, but normal ones don’t tell you when they do. POC’s Helmet Integrity System seeks to change all that.

Abominable Labs F-BOM

If you ski, you’re probably accustomed to the frustration of fog and snow on your goggles. These heated F-BOM goggles provide the solution.

AvaTech SP-1

This networked probe aims to crowdsource avalanche safety for skiers.

Shimano XTR Di2 M9050

Shimano and Fox created the first integrated, programmable mountain bike, enabling riders to minutely control their rides in new ways.


This video game connects to your training bike to let you compete on famous courses with the pros.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

This basketball networks with your cell phone to quantify your dribble.

Vision Aerial SwitchBlade-Pro

Vision Aerial introduces a tricopter, GoPro-capable drone tailored to follow your high-speed exploits.

Polaris TerrainArmor

The first consumer ATV to feature tires that never go flat.

Acer XB280HK

From Acer: the first 4K monitor to sync framerates in real time with your graphics card, for cinematic gaming.

KONE UltraRope

This super-light, super-strong elevator cable cuts the shackles limiting architects’ sky-high visions.

Whooshh Fish Transport System

Dam lacking a fish ladder? Too broke to build one? Enter the salmon cannon.

U.S. Naval Research Lab Electrochemical Acidification Carbon Capture Skid

Seawater is full of carbon dioxide and hydrogen, which just happen to be two key ingredients in hydrocarbon fuels. Soon, this innovation could allow ships to mass-produce their own fuel at sea.

Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways wants to turn your street into a giant solar panel, and with serious funding coming their way they might just get it done.

Philips and Green Sense Farms

For the first time, vertical agriculture outperforms its flat, boring cousin.

Nikken Sekkei BioSkin

This building wrap fights urban heat island effects, and it looks nice too.

Crabster CR200

The Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering produced this six-legged, 1,500-pound mechanical underwater robot to help scientists explore parts of the ocean floor inhospitable to divers.

Newlight Technologies Aircarbon

Carbon captured from a dairy farm’s refuse forms the basis of the plastic in this chair. How’s that for recycling?

One Central Park, Sydney

Hydroponic gardens are just the first of many biomimicry technologies underpinning this futuristic complex.

Motiv Electric Powertrain Control System

Electric cars are so passé. Electric powertrains are helping brutes like this garbage truck go green.

Aquion Energy AHI Technology

Today’s batteries are the least green part of green energy. This non-toxic, scalable, safe, saltwater system could mean a brighter future for energy storage.

Corktown Common

This Toronto park recycles rainwater, achieving unprecedented hydroefficiency and fighting flooding.

Eating Crickets

Cricket cooking culture is on the rise. Read our Q&A with Mario Hernandez of New York City’s Black Ant restaurant, one of the chefs driving the bug-eating frenzy.

Ecosphere Powercube

Modern generators are hugely inefficient, while remaining critical in wartime and disaster zones. This portable machine takes only a minute’s set up before pumping out power, clean water, and communications.

Ford F-150

America’s leading truck for 32 years swapped out steel in its frame for an aluminum alloy that performs even better and cuts 700 pounds from the vehicle’s weight.


General Motor became the first automaker to offer 4G LTE connectivity at scale.

Toyota FCV

Hydrogen fuel cells are no longer science fiction. Toyota’s rolling out production FCVs in Japan early next year and in the U.S. in late 2015.

Evatran Plugless L2

This wireless charging adapter can fit to almost any electric vehicle and allow drivers to skip the plug after a long commute.

Porsche 918 Spyder

This futuristic supercar retains the ability to ramp up from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds in a hybrid system.

Spark-Renault SRT 01E

This electric racecar packs the massive torque to outperform Formula One vehicles in some conditions, and its just the beginning.

Michelin Premiere A/S Tire

This new tire‘s grooves widen over time, the reverse of other models, letting it grip the road better longer.

Nissan Murano

The collision detections system in the latest Murano sees hundreds of feet past the first car ahead to avoid crashes even before other drivers hit the brakes.

Volvo Drive-E Engine

This four-cylinder engine manages the power of a conventional five or six, while cutting 100 pounds of weight.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

This super-smart luxury car senses bumps and dips before they arrive, adjusting its transmission and suspension to match. This means a smoother ride and more power power from the engine.

Dolby Atmos For Home

Dolby pioneered surround-sound technology years ago, and now they’re taking it into the third dimension for true immersion

IMAX Digital 3D Camera

This new 3D camera from IMAX is light and quiet enough to push the boundaries of cinematography for really really really really big screen.

Lego Fusion

Augmented reality comes to the play den as kids gain the power to upload their physical creations into virtual worlds.

Blue Microphones Mo-Fi

These headphones include on-board amplification in order to bring true hi-fi to low-powered devices.

Netflix Ultra-HD Streaming

A new kind of compression puts Netflix at the forefront of ultra high definition delivery.

TiVo Roamio OTA

This new TiVo system can record from the airwaves, leaving cable behind.

Samsung UN78S9B

This new Samsung television adjusts its curvature to accommodate small or large crowds.

Sony Playstation TV

Streaming comes to video game consoles, courtesy of Sony.

WowWee MiP

You love robots. (It’s not a question.) This self-balancing wonder stays upright, responds to gesture commands, carries small items, and syncs with its buddies.

Dragon V2

It’s like the original Dragon, only better. And NASA chose it to send astronauts into space.

Google X Project Wing

These Google delivery drones fly like airplanes, hover like helicopters, and lower packages by long cables to protect machines and bystanders. What’s not to love?


When its rover deployed, China became just the third nation to succeed in a soft landing on the moon.

Northrop Grumman RQ-180

The DoD recently confirmed the existence of this super-stealth drone.

Icon Aircraft Icon A5

Hobbyists should love this light, versatile, collapsable two-seater airplane.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander

The world’s longest, largest aircraft incorporates an innovative shape to keep it aloft for days.

Airbus E-Fan

This emissions-free, battery powered plane will carry pilots in training for 75-minutes flights.

E-volo Volocopter

This commuter copter wildly differs from anything else in the air.

Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD)

NASA built a supersonic brake for landing on faraway planets, and it’s amazing.

Honda Aircraft Company HondaJet

It turns out that when you put the engines on top of the wings the whole airplane improves.

Sony α7S

Sony’s new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is extraordinarily sensitive to low light, making nighttime photos—wait for it—a snap.


This new Android cell phone encrypts calls and texts, locking out whoever might be listening.

Kyocera Sapphire Shield

This sapphire display survives falls, scratches, and other indignities of everyday cellphone use.

LG Display Flexible OLED

It’s here: a mass-produced, truly flexible screen.


This 360 degree by 270 degree camera captures the immersive views necessary for virtual reality.

Adobe Ink & Slide

This stylus enables designers and artists to draw precise images on usually clunky touch screens.

Apple iBeacon

These indoor locational awareness systems are brand new, but app developers are already coming up with an amazing range of tasks for the bluetooth gadgets.

Stir Kinetic Desk

This sit-to-stand desk reminds you when it’s time to shift.

Google Cardboard

Cardboard doesn’t usually top the list of materials associated with tech giants, but this ultra-cheap virtual reality system should open new consumer frontiers for the technology.

Virtual Reality

Widespread, immersive virtual reality is on the cusp of becoming a reality. Read our Q&A with Jeremy Bailenson, founder of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

Deka “Luke” Arm

This prosthetic so advanced is so advanced, it takes its name from Luke Skywalker’s replacement limb in Star Wars.

Exact Sciences Cologuard

To combat evasion, Exact Sciences introduces this less invasive, home-use colon cancer screening.

Convergent Dental Solea

This laser machine takes the pain, numbing, and loud noise out of dentistry.

GoodLux Technologies SunSprite

This little device lets you know if you’re not getting enough sun for your mental or bodily health.

The Walking Egg Lab

This stripped-down, mobile in-vitro fertilization lab cuts costs and improves access.

Medrobotics Flex System

This tooled robotic snake with a high-definition camera allows less invasive surgeries with easier recoveries.

RevMedx XStat

These injectable sponges can enter open wounds to stop internal bleeding in the field for up to four hours.

Gilead Sciences Sovaldi

This first-of-its-kind drug cures Hepatitis C in weeks. Wow.

Sproutling baby monitor

Like a FitBit for babies, this wearable monitor help parents keep their infants safe and tracks their habits.

Clever Medkit

This cloud-connected medical kit points users to the right treatments and tracks its stocks.

Black & Decker 20v Max Lithium Cordless Drill With Autosense Technology

The folks at Black & Decker have designed a sensor that detects major shifts in a screw’s torque, stopping the motor before stripping the fastener or splintering wood.

Belkin WeMo Maker

This little apparatus makes any DC-powered device it’s attached to “smart” and controllable by smartphone.

Gorilla Clear Repair Tape

Love duct tape but hate the look? This new adhesive strip from Gorilla performs the same function but is perfectly clear.

Remington iCoffee SteamBrew

This drip-style coffee maker produces the artisanal flavors of a true French press.

CleanAlert FilterScan WiFi

This smart sensor emails you when your filters are clogged, a common cause of HVAC inefficiency.

Kohler Touchless Flush Kit

This kit turns just about any toilet into a hands-free flusher.

LG EcoHybrid Dryer DLHX4072V

This dryer cuts the power-hungry staple’s electricity consumption in half.

T-fal OptiGrill

Sensors in this barbecue tell you when your meat is done to your liking, ending the guesswork in grilling.

Toro Recycler with SmartStow

New motor tech enables this lawnmower to take up half the space in storage.

Google Android Wear

While no hardware leader has emerged in the smartwatch market, Google has standardized the wearable operating system with its ubiquitous software.

3-D Manipulation

For the first time, software geared toward average users will allow photo editors to move objects in 3D space.


Humin provides a contact list that works like your brain, organizing people by context, not the alphabet.

Popcorn Time

File sharing meets streaming in this legal-ish software wonder.


This console game outsources the bulk of its processing to the cloud, enabling high performance without lag time.

Apple OS X Yosemite

Yosemite is the first operating system from Apple to truly integrate its mobile and desktop user experiences.


A bike lock that outsmarts thieves.

American Science & Engineering Mini Z

This sensor can read backscatter radiation bouncing off objects to see through solid objects in the field.

Applied DNA Sciences SmokeCloak DNA

This smoke system brands intruders with harmless, unique plant DNA tags to prove they were at the scene.

Carnegie Mellon University LiveLight

This software aims to cut time from investigations by sifting through security footage for important events.

EyeLock Myris

The USB home iris scanner aims to replace passwords on computers.

University of Michigan Nanopillar Arrays With Polymer Multilayers

This label fights counterfeit drugs by proving a medicine’s legitimacy when it’s breathed on.

Ondot Systems Card Control

This app allows users to turn credit cards on and off from their cell phones, fighting fraud.

Foscam FI9821P

This home security camera swivels at the command of a remote user on a tablet or phone


This new real-time data exchange system from DARPA aims to save firefighters’ lives by tracking their position against hazards.