Next Spring, You Can Walk Under A Glacier In Iceland

To the Ice Cave!

Soon, visitors to Iceland will be able to head inside a man-made ice cave and get an inside look into how glaciers work. The 1,640-foot long tunnel is currently being carved into the Langjökull glacier by engineers of the Ice Cave-Iceland project. When complete, glacier enthusiasts will be able to see the deep blue ice characteristic of glaciers and view the inside of a crevasse without falling into one.

There are other, natural ice caves in Icelandic glaciers, but those are seasonal — forming in the fall and lasting into the winter. This man-made ice cave is expected to be more permanent, as the Ice Cave-Icland project expects to show tourists around in the summer months. They even hope to host weddings in a large room inside the cave.

Can’t wait until next May, when the cave opens for visitors? Watch a virtual fly through below.