The iOS 9 Untethered Jailbreak Is Out

Pangu bails out iPhone users

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The iOS 9 untethered jailbreak for iPhone and iPad has been released by Pangu. The iOS hacker group hailing from China has a history of bringing Apple mobile device users freedom from their plain ol’ stock OS.

For the uninitiated: jailbreaking allows iOS users to install apps and tweaks to your iPhone that Apple normally wouldn’t allow due to their limitations. Apps like f.lux (which makes the screen easier on your eyes at night) or NoSlowAnimations (which speeds up animations that normally slow down the flow of using one’s phone) suddenly became an option. And then there are apps like Activator, which provide so much Apple-unapproved functionality it could fill an entire post.

To jailbreak your device, start by backing up its data. And then do it once again because you do not want to lose your data. After this, you’ll want to disable the passcode, turn off Find My iPhone/iPad, and switch on Airplane Mode. These can all be turned back on/off once the process is complete. Then simply click the link in the tweet above, install the tool and follow the prompts.

Stick close to both your device and computer while the jailbreaking process is taking place. You’ll need to slide to unlock or confirm a menu prompt every once in a while.

(Disclaimer: the legality of jailbreaking may be something to consider. A prior ruling made jailbreaking of phones legal and tablets illegal. Regardless of what the courts say, jailbreaking your device will definitely void your AppleCare. We trust you’ll use your best judgement.)

Which Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks Are Compatible With iOS 9

As mentioned before, the ability to add apps and tweaks is a huge reason to jailbreak. Being able to theme one’s device or add functionality is worth leaving the stock iOS behind. But how can you tell which tweaks will be compatible with your iOS 9 iDevice?

The folks over at the r/jailbreak subreddit have compiled a Google Doc detailing which software currently works and which just aren’t quite there yet. Refer to this when making the decision to install your next jailbreak tweak on iOS 9.

But I’m Running The iOS 9.1 Beta

This untethered jailbreak tool released by Pangu is meant for versions of iOS before 9.1. Meaning you’ll have to downgrade before applying it to your device.

Because you archived a backup like Apple suggested when you installed the beta (you did do that, right?) going back to the earlier version should be relatively easy. Simply follow this tutorial.

What About An iOS 9 Jailbreak Tool For Mac?

The untethered jailbreak solution released today is for Windows only at the moment. If you’re personal computer is a Mac, however, this isn’t useful for you.

Luckily, Pangu is known for making available a tool for Mac OS X sometime after their Windows version releases. Though unless you’re desperate and plan on installing Windows on your Mac (which is entirely possible), you’ll have to wait.