Amazon has a bulk snack sale going on just in time for 4/20

Save on Red Bull, Barilla pasta, Animal Crackers, Perfect Bars, Kodiak Cakes, and more. This is a solid chance to stock up.
An ice cream sandwich made between two cookies with sprinkles on the outside close-up


Groceries are expensive right now, which means a bad case of the munchies can really set you back. That’s bad timing for this 4/20 holiday, which typically involves copious snack consumption. Amazon, however, has decided to be a chill bro and put a bunch of bulk snacks on discount. Even if you’re not doing any 4/20 celebrating, you can appreciate saving a couple bucks on a case of Red Bull, a doomsday-worthy cache of Fig Newtons, and enough Goldfish Crackers to satisfy an entire Kindergarten class for an entire day (those little ones really hammer down the Goldfish). These aren’t wimpy deals, either. Most of these prices are the lowest we’ve seen all year.