Hack Your Life

Looking for code and/or templates for Hack Your Life, the latest special issue from Popular Science? Look no further. Click the download links, then follow the instructions in your printed copy to complete your project.

#020: Hack a Toy Hobbit Sword to Detect Free Wi-Fi

Hobbit Sword Code for Spark Core
Developed by Zach Supalla of Particle, formerly Spark.

#023: Turn Garden Beets into a “Beet Box”

Beet Box I2C Communication Code
Beet Box Touch-Sensing Software Code
Developed by Scott Garner.

#051: Build a Smart Home Sensor

Smart Home Sensor Arduino Code
Smart Home Sensor Circuit Hookup Guide
Developed by Dave Prochnow for Popular Science.

#055: Feed Your Animal Pals via littleBits’ Remote Pet Feeder

Remote Pet Feeder Template
For advice on setting up your cloudBit, please visit the littleBits informational page.
To learn how to set a Date and Time trigger using IFTTT technology, visit littleBits’ go-to guide.
Developed by littleBits.

#096: Build a Sunscreen Reminder Hat

Sunscreen Reminder Hat Mario Code
Sunscreen Reminder Hat FLORA Code

After you’ve uploaded the FLORA code and determined that everything’s functioning properly, you can modify two lines of code to reflect the UV index you’d like to sound the alarm and how often you’d like a reminder.

Sunscreen Reminder Hat Alarm Code

Developed by Becky Stern for Adafruit.

#100: Shred on a Fan-Propelled Skateboard

Fan-Propelled Skateboard Template

Hack Your Life is available on all major newsstands from December 2015 to February 2016.