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Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale is almost over, but you still have a few hours to get deep discounts on the latest gear. We’ve rounded up nearly 100 deals you can get for less than $100. These deals span every category, from telescopes to Instant Pots, so there’s sure to be something for everybody. The only thing to remember is that you’ll need an active Amazon Prime subscription to take advantage of these deals, so make sure you have an active subscription. If you don’t, you can take advantage of a free, 30-day trial to get these deals.

Kindle Paperwhite, $99.99 (Was $129.99)

The Kindle Paperwhite is the e-reader we’d recommend for most people due to its large, 6.8-inch high-resolution e-ink display, weeks-long battery life, and 8GB storage capacity. The Paperwhite can hold hundreds of books, which means you can carry around an entire library, and read them comfortably during the day or night thanks to its built-in backlights. You can buy digital books from Amazon’s library directly from the Kindle Paperwhite, and any titles you purchase from a computer will be synced with the device instantly. If you’re moving from physical to digital books, don’t miss this deal.

AirPods 2, $89.99 (Was $159)

Apple never discounts its own hardware, which is why we’re so surprised to see such a deep discount on the AirPods 2. Apple’s true wireless earbuds last up to five hours on a single charge and will instantly pair with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac the moment they’re taken out of their case. You can also pair the AirPods 2 with a Windows or Android device, where they’ll work like any other Bluetooth headphones. These earbuds don’t support active noise cancellation, but that’s their only potential downside. If you’re shopping for a pair of earbuds and primarily use Apple devices, this is the set to get.

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