Transparent Duct Tape: Improving a Classic?

3M's clear duct tape takes on the gray standard.

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For purists, duct tape will always be gray, ugly and indestructible. For the rest of us, 3M has developed a colorless version of the almighty adhesive. Over the last year, the company has quietly introduced “clear” duct tape that works just like the old stuff. The new tape has a “scrim” of white embedded fibers, so it tears crossways and lengthwise, just like regular duct tape. And while it’s not exactly invisible, it is inconspicuous for minor repairs. According to 3M, the hard part was developing a see-through adhesive: most tapes use natural rubber, which isn’t transparent. However you feel about duct tape coloration, the clear stuff will stick around–it’s six times as durable as your old gray roll.