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This month, our top new gadget picks include a smarter bike trainer, a credit-card size USB charger, and a new Arduino controller for serious DIY gamers. Check out the gallery for more great ideas in gear.

Wahoo Fitness Kickr Power Trainer

The Kickr turns any bicycle into a stationary trainer by replacing the back tire. When a rider using its accompanying app meets a “hill,” more power surges through magnets in the Bluetooth-connected device, creating a stronger pull on its flywheel and increasing resistance.** Wahoo Fitness Kickr Power Trainer** $999

Arduino Esplora

The Arduino Esplora is the controller for DIYers who want to game with custom functions. The 6.5-inch preassembled board includes temperature and light sensors, an accelerometer, a joystick, and more, plus 32 kilobytes of memory. To begin programming, a user connects it to a computer via micro-USB.** Arduino Esplora** $65

The EnChroma Cx.UV450

The EnChroma Cx.UV450 are the first sunglasses that don’t block color. The lenses have a filter that lets in a range of light wavelengths typically muted by UV shades, so wearers see enhanced blues and greens. EnChroma Cx.UV450 $450

JayBird BlueBuds X

BlueBuds X are the smallest Bluetooth earbuds in the world. Thanks to improvements in battery technology, they’re more compact, but still last up to eight hours. iPhone users can track how much playtime remains on their phones.** JayBird BlueBuds X** $170

GE High Efficiency Topload Washer

The HE Topload Washer prevents users from adding too much detergent. During a quick first spin, sensors detect the size and absorption of any load up to 22 pounds. After internal calculations, the washer automatically dispenses the perfect amount of soap.** GE High Efficiency Topload Washer** $1,399

Ryobi 2 Cycle Backpack Blower

Clearing the yard is faster with the Ryobi Backpack Blower. Unlike other blowers, which have air tubes that run up the back and over the engine, this one has tubes that stay below the engine, and go around the waist. Because it doesn’t have to push air upward, the 42-cc motor maintains a higher force.** Ryobi 2 Cycle Backpack Blower** $199

Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4 Blaster

The Rough Cut 2×4 is the first Nerf gun that can fire two darts at once up to 75 feet. Its two ammo banks have separate pistons, so one pull of the trigger launches both darts at the same time.** Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4 Blaster** $20

Quirky Pluck

Separating eggs is easier with the Pluck. A cook squeezes the silicone bulb to create a vacuum; upon release, it sucks up a yolk. Unlike a gravity strainer, the Pluck can hold several yolks at once. It breaks them less often, too.** Quirky Pluck** $13

Epsilon Labs Silence

The Silence Android app keeps phones quiet during meetings. A user outlines his schedule—or imports it from another calendar—and indicates whether the phone should be in ring, vibrate, or silent mode. The app changes the settings accordingly.** Epsilon Labs Silence** $0


At one tenth of an inch thick and the size of a credit card, the ChargeCard is the slimmest USB charger available. Engineers rearranged the circuitry to lie flat. A rubber port folds out and plugs into any USB device, and a micro-USB or iPhone port connects to a phone.** ChargeCard** $25

Philips Fidelio HTL9100

The HTL9100 is the first sound bar that can transform into a surround-sound system. A user detaches the bar’s wireless 12-watt speakers—which last 10 hours—and places them anywhere in the room. Sensors automatically detect their state and adjust the audio balance.** Philips Fidelio HTL9100** $800 (available spring)

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition C

Trigonometry will never be the same: The latest TI-84 graphing calculator comes with a color display. At 240 by 320 pixels, the backlit screen has a resolution that’s higher than previous models’. Plus, a user can transfer images from a computer and graph onto them.** Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition C** $150 (available spring)