Augmented-Reality Window Display Lets Passing Shoppers “Try On” Virtual Watches Without Entering Store

Courtesy Tissot

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At the flagship Selfridges store on London’s Oxford street, shoppers are using an interactive touchscreen window display to “try on” virtual 3-D watches. Strap on a paper wristband, and the mirror-like display conjures a real-time moving image of you wearing any of the 28 watch models on offer.

The window tracks the movement of the paper marker, letting shoppers swap watches, adjust bracelet length, and tinker with functions like compasses, diver functionality, and thermometers. Watch faces even show the correct time and date.

Those of us who can’t visit Oxford Street can experiment with different looks on watchmaker Tissot’s website. After printing and cutting out the downloadable paper wristwatch, turn on your webcam and you’re good to go.

Check out the promotional video below:

This campaign paves the way for much more augmented reality advertising to come. Virtual reality swimsuits, anyone?