Nonja the Orangutan Tagged a Photo Of You On Facebook

OK, I made up the title. Nonja the Orangutan

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This photo was taken by Nonja. She is an orangutan. Like many of us, she is interested in keeping her friends up to date on what she’s up to in her pen at the Schönbrunn zoo in Austria. She takes and immediately uploads photos to Facebook with her specially modified Samsung ST-1000 point-and-shoot (it dispenses raisins!).

Aside from its custom photo-taking-incentive system, the ST-1000 has built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth for automatically transmitting photos once they’re taken. Good thing, because USB cables can confuse orangutans.

And here we were thinking the world had turned on its head when our parents joined and proceeded to comment on everything we do on Facebook. Now, we can watch for updates from a great ape. Join her 14,700 fans today!

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